Tuesday, June 28, 2011

With Catbird's Song (from the journal)

Redbird in the sharon,
redbird in the juniper,
redbird on the patio close enough
to see the sky’s blue reflection
on his iridescent feathers.
If you could touch him,
your fingers would come away blue. 5-26-11

The black crow overhead
makes a wave in the air so deep,
it touches my forehead. 6-1-11

On the low branch
the first crab apples redden,
grace white butterfly’s path. 6-2-11

Swallowtail is heavier than himself today.
Honeysuckle holds him up.
Yellow on yellow. 6-4-11

Small enough to be confused with wren,
baby redbird sits in the green holly,
counts the orange cats, waits
for her colors to come in. 6-7-11

On the grassy path
laid carefully on a napkin,
summer’s offering—
a dead chipmunk. 6-17-11

With catbird’s song for an umbrella,
I sit in the rain.
All the lovely sounds. 6-19-11

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