Saturday, May 30, 2015

Single-winged Samara (from the journal)

Incomplete, Acer?
Single-winged samara spins.
Heavy-headed butterfly,
whole in the light.  5-4-15 

All these days—
how will they be counted
if there are no poems,
no breath revisited?  5-23-15

Cool with a bit of
warmth to the eye,
the sharpness of bird bites.  5-23-15

Tiny, through the green round,
the blue sky,
circled.  5-23-15

Does dragonfly hear
woodpecker’s far knock
in his circle of sun?
White on black, both.
Now, moved to silence.  5-23-15

Come back now to silence
and maples’ new rose leaves
perched over all like sentries
with wings and pointed caps
aloft on air, here
where doors are not closed.  5-23-15

A bit of time—
oak steps through,
marking heart steps,
the dark verticals
moving down.  5-23-15

to get to the holes between the words,
to the river running of its own accord.  5-24-15


The perfect place—
air, water,
memories wrapped
and unwrapped.
A thin snake
the thread through all,
facing us with
clear eyes.  5-30-15

The years flow by,
but right here time pools around this
air-bound rock that floats free
under my pen
turning the currents
back around.  5-30-15