Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weightless on a Thought (from the journal)

No leaves yet.  
Lots of room for you, 
black-capped chickadee 
in the honeysuckle.  4-1-13


Closed this morning,
all of bloodroot’s little faces
point to where they last saw
yesterday’s sun.  4-3-13

One wood poppy is joined
by another,
both hug the cold ground. 4-3-13

vulture in the air,
me in the car.
We go, weightless
on a thought.  4-3-13

The dark blue evening light
weighs across us
rich with warmth,
April’s color.  4-9-13

The air.
It moves.
It’s warm.
It carries chickadee’s voice.  4-9-13

today’s dark clustered silhouettes
will be pink, crab apple’s own
spring sneeze.  4-10-13

One rock cress mustard,
two columbine seedlings grace
the decaying pot.  4-10-13

So close is mourning dove,
I sit inside the periphery
of his hollow voice.  4-11-13

They don’t want to let it go,
the beautiful day, the birds.
Evening song.  4-15-13

Red maple flowers,
white pear flowers
float on the turning rust.
Spring colors.  4-15-13

Crab apple
wholly pink
admired by bees
and me.  4-17-13

Side by side
wood poppy’s yellow faces
radiate with perfect pitch.  4-20-13

Left over from winter,
inkberry’s crystal light rises
unsheltered under opening
maple umbrellas.  4-24-13

Elaeagnus angustifolia

The morning wind blew the words
right out of my mind.
Empty flower bells quiver.  4-25-13