Friday, June 24, 2011

God and My Friends

Lithograph on gampi, 15 x 10"

This lithograph, printed off Bavarian limestone, was used as an illustration for AFTERWORDS, a book of poetry I put together with Charles Curtis Blackwell. I met Charles at the Larry Neal Writers' Conference and he suggested we do a book with both white and African-American poets. We had two white poets, Kendra Usack and me and one African-American poet--Charles. We spent an evening at DC Space listening to 100 Black Poets and a few agreed to work on the project with us--Clynthia Burton Trueitt, Kiplyn Primus, and Wanda Winbush. I made 200 handmade paper covers with cattails and mitsumata and sewed the books up with a five-hole Japanese binding.

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