Friday, July 5, 2013

Yesterday the Fox Flew (from the journal)

There was a deer here last night.
The pokeweed is gone,
nibbled to a nubbin.  6-1-13

What is the one thing?  Breathing.
This morning even the warm breeze
breathes.  6-1-13

The first 17-year cicada sings.
He’s far away and
there is no answer.  6-2-13

The drowsy squirrel rouses
when the hawk flies
under his branch.  6-4-13

Sharon’s shadow falls flat.
Myrtle’s shadow falls sideways.
My shadow doesn’t fall at all.  6-4-13

Cut off from earth and water,
a garland of round greenbrier leaves
lives on air.  6-5-13

Catbird is chasing
mockingbird in the crab apple.
Swallowtail gets out of the way.  6-8-13

A drop of white poop
from the thick spot in the hedge.
Wren, not moving.  6-8-13

Swallowtail has found
all the vine honeysuckle
I missed. 6-11-13

Columbine’s seed pods
are turning brown, the same
color as the little chipmunk
that walked over my toe.  6-12-13

Cold today.
Blue jay complains.
Catbird is quiet.  6-19-13

Rock cress mustard is finished now.
Columbine has the pot to herself.  6-19-13

Columbine’s leaves rust over
the rain-pocked chalk.
Patio table still life.  6-20-13

Two catbirds,
a nest in the thick place
between the two myrtles.
Little calls give it away.  6-23-13

Yesterday the fox flew through twice.
The second time, he stopped
for a drink.  6-25-13

A gray morning.
Redbird speaks.
The first rosy sharon catches a carpenter bee.  6-27-13

The wall of green has a hole. 
It used to be full of stars.  6-29-13

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