Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rising Light in Midwinter (from the journal)

Rising light
in midwinter.
Spring buds swell.  2-4-13

Nestled in the low winter wood,
the golden ball shares
liquid light.  2-5-13

Splatted like rain
in the moving wood--
a light burst.  2-6-13


Erupting from the frozen earth,
the blunt-nosed, jeweled crystals
push up, the yellow dreams
folded inside.  2-6-13

The first moment greeting 
the morning light.  It bathes the eyes,
this brand new light.  2-7-13

Fluffed, redbird
comforts himself
in juniper’s winter green.  2-9-13

The midnight wind
blew itself a brilliant day
with sparkles all around.  2-9-13

Holly holds her hands up,
meets the horizontal sun
with cupped vertical leaves.
A touching moment, at dawn.  2-10-13

It’s like a shower,
today’s light.
A milk shower.  2-16-13

There was a shuddering
out in the woods.
What passed through left
a wake.  2-12-13

Morning time in the light,
waiting for warmth and breath,
sweet breath, shared.  2-12-13

Soft like snow,
the light rests
on hollies.  2-13-13

Somewhere there is a verb
to describe dried pokeweeds
hanging dark and vertical over
the horizontal juniper splattered
with snow.  2-14-13

I recognize the shoveler in the leaves—robin.
And thena friend.  2-15-13

Between one tree
and the next, squirrel counts
all his morning moments.
Just for fun.  2-16-13

Weighted with the world,
lady bluejay sits unmoving
in the bare crab apple.  2-18-13

The wild raspberry cane
has turned itself red.
Time to breathe the light again.  2-18-13

Falling from the cloudless sky—
snow petals.
Redbird stretches her wing.  2-19-13

Dancing in the winter sun,
hollies moved by a circling wind
celebrate.  2-20-13

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