Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fish Crow in the Dogwood (from the Journal)

Fish crow in the dogwood
hops down the branches
to baby chickadees in the dogwood,
the bird as heavy as his call. 5-8-11

Listening through the locust lace overhead
to the sound of moving clouds moving.
A single woodpecker's single voice. 5-10-11

Locust petals on the path--
a flat white net dropped to bind
eye and mind. 5-16-11

On the back of his wings the white feathers
lift turkey buzzard straight across the road.
The young one remains by the deer,
the remains. 5-21-11

Resting on the hot asphalt, he stops cars.
Snapping turtle blinks both eyes,
resumes his journey when he is ready. 5-23-11

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